Software Installation Guide - Windows

1 Insert Disc 1 into the floppy drive.
Note: your floppy drive is usually A:

2 Click on the 'Start' button, choose
'Settings => Control Panel.' 

3 You will see a window like the one alongside. 

Double click on 'Add/Remove programs.'

4 Click on 'Install...'
5 Click on 'Next.'

6 The path should now read 'A:\SETUP.EXE.' if so click on 'Finish.'

If it does not show this path, then use the 'Browse' button to browse to 'A:\SETUP.EXE.'

Then click on 'Finish.'

7 Your computer will now run the DataPower Setup program.

You should follow the on screen instructions.

8 When it comes to the 'User Information' page, type in your name and your company or school and the serial number. Do NOT include any spaces in the number, and DO include the hyphens (the dash key between the '0' and the '=' keys on your keyboard.

9 Follow the instructions to complete the installation.
Network users. If you wish to install DataPower on an NT Server for loading onto your client machines, you still need to install it on each client as there are DLL files that need transferring to the local Windows directory, and entries to be made to the Registry.
However it can be substantially quicker to install, and much simpler to upgrade if you ensure that you always install to the same path on the server. To do this, when you get to the 'Choose Destination Location' page, use the 'Browse' button to browse to a suitable shared directory on your server and always install to the same location from all clients.

In that manner, when it comes to upgrading, the DataPwr2.exe file only needs to be replaced once. There is little network overhead, as DataPower 2 is a relatively small executable by Windows standards, and loads quickly.

10 To Start DataPower 2 choose 'Programs => Iota Software => DataPower 2' from the 'Start' button.

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