Downloading the Acorn version

  • Download dp219.arc.
  • Make sure the filetype is set to "Archive" (&DDC)
  • Load !SparkFS or !SparkPlug
  • Double-click on dp219.arc to open the archive
  • Drag !DP-Latest onto your hard disc.

To update your master disc:

  • Insert the original DataPower installation floppy disc.
  • Run !DP-Latest from your hard disc.
  • Click on "Update master disc".

To create a new DP_Update disc:

  • Format a floppy disc and name it "DP_Update" (without the quotes!)
  • Drag !DP-Latest from your hard disc onto the floppy disc.

If updating from a version prior to 2.16a:

Since the installer itself has been changed, to allow installation on RISC OS 4 and/or machines with SimTec IDE cards, it is necessary to update your master disc and then install the software, rather than just updating your installed copy of DataPower.

Note also that since the software is now too big to fit entirely on the original installation disc, the installation process itself now requires both the original master disc and the new update disc (you will be prompted to insert this at the right time during the installation).

So, you first need to use the update disc to update the master disc, and from then on the master disc will also use the update disc to update the installed copy of DataPower.

Since the master disc now contains stuff that doesn't change often, and the update disc contains stuff that does change, the next time you have to download a new version of !DP-Latest you can just use it to update your installed copy of DataPower, and won't have to update the master disc.

One final point: the redistribution of the software between the DataPower and DP_Update discs now means that !DPGraphs can now fit on the master disc, rather than being put onto Disc 4 as was previously the case. You can move this back onto the DataPower disc as follows:

  • Locate your existing copy of !DPGraphs:
    • If it's on disc 4, copy it to your hard disc
    • If it's inside !DataPower on your hard disc, shift-double-click on !DataPower
  • Insert the original DataPower master floppy disc
  • Shift-double-click on !Install to open it
  • Double-click on Disc1 to open it
  • Shift-Double-click on !DataPower within Disc1 to open it
  • Drag the existing !DPGraphs into this directory
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